LAVIS Insights is a comprehensive suite of BI and Analytics applications for clinical research such as Research Portfolio Insights, Study Insights, Clinical Data Insights, eTMF Insights, Payments Insights, etc. for different stakeholders and teams in Research Organizations.

Research Portfolio Insights
  • Provides enterprise visibility into clinical research portfolio at your organization
  • Insights into key events across studies such as site deviations, subject deviations, adverse events, etc
  • Easy access to key metrics and risk indicators across studies
  • Unified data consolidation and aggregation from multiple systems (CTMS, SSU, eTMF, EDC, Payments, etc.)
Study Insights
  • Provides study specific insights for study teams, managers, directors, and leadership teams
  • Easy access to study specific metrics and risk indicators
  • Insights into key study specific events such as site selection, performance, subject recruitment, deviations, adverse events, etc.
  • Helps to identify missing information or key data points
Clinical Data Insights
  • Pre-designed and customizable visualizations and dashboards covering all key clinical domains such as demographics, adverse events, procedures, labs, and medical history etc.
  • Unified representation of all study clinical data for consistent clinical data review, analysis, and reporting
  • Consolidation and presentation of all subject’s clinical data in one place using “Subject Profile” dashboards